Welcome to our Be Irish program for English speakers.

Mainly the program is designed for people interested in learning English as a second language, but part of our program also focuses on tourists who just want to visit and discover the rural and beautiful Ireland.

We have in this part of the Green Island lots of visitors from USA for several reasons, firstly because there are direct flights from many parts of the country, secondly because of the famous golf courses and thirdly because of the connection between Americans and Irish.

We would like to show you this part of West Ireland in such a way that you may think you are really part of this small but amazing part of the world.

Be Irish Experience is a cultural immersion trip of 10 days length in the west rural area of Ireland. It's an organized trip which blends tours throughout the area in a van and engaging in numerous workshops and activities. All this surrounded by spectacular scenarios where time seemed to have stopped in another century.

This trip is an unique experience, why? Because we have planned everything in great detail and enthusiasm so that travelers can experience an unforgettable journey in addition to the opportunity of getting to know the most realistic rural Ireland. Not only you will carry within your heart the many friends you will be making but also you will have the chance to meet people and places which not anyone could easily reach.

Designed for those nature lovers who do not often have the chance to enjoy. For 10 days you will be enjoying the wonders of the rural atmosphere.